Inverse Design

Inverse design techniques in the context of nanophotonics have helped in discovery of compact and counter-intuitive nanophotonic structures. We introduce the concept of spectral domain inverse design to search through the dispersive trade-space (permittivity) of nanocomposite metamaterials. We develop a hybrid optimization technique that combines genetic algorithms and gradient descent methods. We utilize this technique to inverse design an ultra-thin thermophotovoltaic emitter coating material.


Super-Planckian Radiative Heat Transfer

    Explore how engineered materials and 2D materials can be exploited for thermal radiation beyond the black-body limit.

Thermal Spin Photonics

    We have shown that spin polarized thermal radiation is a striking feature of non-equilibrium as well as non-reciprocal systems.

High Temperature Polaritonic Ceramics

    High temperature materials with unique properties are a major focus of our research with multiple engineering applications.